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Donview All-in One Educational Touch Panel

Donview All-in-One Touch Panel embraces a collaborative learning experience!

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With 4K UHD Display

The highly accurate interactive panel with 4K Ultra HD resolution provides incredibly stunning visuals and responsive handwriting experience.

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Anti Glare

The super smooth surface provides a natural and fluid writing experience and is protected by impact and shatter resistant, anti-glare glass.

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Dual Operating System

Not only is the board powered by Android but it also comes with built-in Windows Professional PC

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User Friendly Design

Shortcut Keys on either side enable hassle - free access to the most frequently used tools and simultaneous operation from two presenters.


Lifespan 120,000 hrs

Long Life span!

Designed for 120,000 hours of use.

Screenshot 2022-03-05 at 17.06.18.png

Multi-point touch &
Ultra-fine writing

The ultra-thin stylus brings you incredibly smooth and natural writing experience just like using a traditional pen. 

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Donview Broucher

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